Opening (everything in life has to got one)

This is my safe space. Where I can be whoever I want and tell everyone (or anyone who happen to stumble upon this) whatever I want, particularly things I’m not usually able to say in real life.

WARNING!!! There might be a lot of sad and pathetic rants about an ex-boyfriend. But don’t you worry because I also got an equally sad and pathetic life that I will also share in this ‘blog?’.

Forget about your favorite TV series, my life is stranger than Stranger Things and is sexually more confusing than Game of Thrones (or Sherlock). This is the real American Horror Story, in fact, it’s larger than just America we need all continents to make the analogy works.

“This is going to be like a diary to me, only shittier because I only write when I’m having a bad day and would leave out the good ones.” – A (because my real name starts with an A, but also, PLL! Anyone?)



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