The Modern Cry for Help (Mental Illnesses on Social Media)

You know what just went through my mind? I wonder how many wordpress users (or any blog sites for that matter) are dead? How many of them were mentally ill? And how many of those committed  suicide? Think about it, this whole thing, technology, social media, people don’t talk to each other anymore, they don’t seek help or therapy when they for sure know they need them. They talk to the internet now, hoping that someone would read their cry for help relying on the fact that the internet is a public media, unlike simply writing a journal, which is obviously private. Here, there are no boundaries between what’s private and not anymore.

Should we be more concern then when we stumble upon a blog or other social media that suggest that the writer/uploader might suffer from mental illnesses? Sometimes we don’t even notice them. They could be the funniest most outgoing person, yet you see how their updates always includes alcohols, how they always smokes when their other friends are eating, or how while doing the silliest videos you kind of could see their scars.

The depressing quotes they repost, the triggering pictures they uploaded, and sadly, many people follow them specifically because they post such things. Just a bunch of people with mental illnesses supporting each other’s disabilities pushing one another to the edge waiting for someone to eventually fall and die. How can you give out Likes to people you know would starve themselves to death if they get 50 of them? How could you scroll through a picture of fresh wound and go about your day? You know that’s wrong, hell, you know it TOO well. Deep down you wish you could be “normal”, not have that crippling anxiety, be carefree for once, enjoy a nice meal, spend quality times with your loved ones.

Stop letting sick people stay sick, let’s help one another get better. Because goddammit, I would LOVE to be “cured”. Talk to someone about it, family, close friends, someone you know would care when you come out with your mental illnesses. Go seek help, find a therapist, you can even do it online now. Make use of the technology we got for the right thing. Treat yourself, focus only on your wellbeing. Nothing in this world is more important than your mental health. Different things work for different people, for me exercising and meditating helps.

Talk to someone. If those kind of blogs/sites/accounts exist, you definitely know that you are not alone. There are people like you. Make yourself proud and be the one who comments positive vibes on triggering pictures. Be that before/after account. Tell your story! Tell them all that you made it! Good luck!


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